Make a Claim


Had an accident? Don’t worry we’re here to help! We know accidents happen and our claims process is easy to follow.

Firstly, are you covered?

Your Guardsman plan is insurance which covers you against accidents, which means an unforeseen, one-off incident which results in a stain or damage, for example a rip or a scratch. It does not cover you for stains or damage that arise naturally through normal use and ageing, or for your product becoming gradually dirty and out of condition over time. 


If you’re unsure whether or not you’re covered, please check the terms and conditions within your policy, which will be with your policy certificate or on the back of your invoice depending on which retailer you bought your furniture from.


How to make a claim

You can begin the claims process in 2 ways. The quickest and easiest process is to download and print an online claim form below, which you can then complete, scan and send back to us via email. Alternatively, you can call our customer service number on 900816061 (Spain), or 070 770 92 88 (Netherlands) and we’ll then send you a claim form which you can fill in and return to us. Please see section 'Returning your claim form' below for more information. 

If you live in the Netherlands, click here to download your claim form.

If you live in Spain, click here to download your claim form. 


In order to make sure your claim is processed as quickly as possible, please follow the steps below when completing a claim form:

  1. Within the claim form please include all incidents you wish to claim for and provide a date for each incident. Also give a clear description of each incident, area of damage and how it happened. It is a condition of your policy that all claims are reported to us as soon as possible after they have taken place. Any delay in making a claim may affect the outcome of your claim.


  • If you have reported an incident by phoning Guardsman, you can only claim for that incident on the claim form. You must claim for any other incidents separately. Our technician will be instructed to only carry out the repair needed as a result of the incident you reported on the phone.


  1. The named plan holder must complete the form (if you wish a partner or family member to deal with your claim on your behalf, please make sure you add them on the claim form in Section 4 ‘Data Protection’)


  • Sign and date the form and return it to us along with a copy of your original sales invoice.


  • If you are intending to make a claim on fabric upholstered furniture you may need to provide photographs as outlined in the 'Providing Photographs' section below. These photos will enable us to assess your claim more quickly.



Providing Photographs

You need to provide photos if you are making a claim for fabric upholstered furniture relating to:

  • Accidental staining which has only been caused by bleach or super glue
  • Accidental Damage resulting in rips, tears, burns, or scratches


You need to provide a minimum of 3 photographs per incident:

Photo 1: A close up of the damage, with a pen or ruler placed next to the damage for scale.

Photo 2: A shot of the damaged section of the sofa, for example, if you have a rip on a seat cushion, please take a picture which includes the entire cushion as well as the damage.

Photo 3: A photograph of the sofa as a whole.


Please send all photos via email to:

If you live in Spain:

If you live in the Netherlands:  


The maximum email size we can receive is 10mb. An email more than 10mb in size may result in us not receiving your email. If any more photographs are needed a member of the team will be in touch to advise what we need.


Acceptable photograph file formats are: .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .gif.



Returning your claim form


The quickest way to resolve your claim is to scan your completed claim form and return it to us via email, along with a scanned copy your original invoice and relevant photos, to:

If you live in Spain:

If you live in the Netherlands:     



If you received your claim form via post you can return it to us using the pre-paid envelope which was enclosed with your form; no payment for postage is required.

If you have downloaded the claim form from our website you have 2 options:


  1. Let us know and we can send you a pre-paid envelope which will include our postal address
  2. You can use your own envelope but you will need to ensure the correct international postage is paid in order for it to be delivered to our address at: Guardsman Industries, 152 Brook Drive, Milton Park, Abingdon, OX14 4SD

Please note: sending us the claim form via post will extend the time taken to resolve your claim due to days taken to receive the form. 



What happens next?

Once you have completed your claim form and returned it to us, we aim to process your claim within 5 working days of receiving your form. Your form will be assessed by one of our claims staff and if your claim is covered under the terms of your policy we will do the following:


For accidental staining – for fabric upholstery, and depending on the stain itself, we may send a bottle of specially formulated stain remover. Over the years our knowledge of stains and cleaning products has enabled us to formulate some unique treatments which will quickly and easily remove a wide variety of stubborn stains. This means you won’t need to wait at home or take a day off work for a technician’s visit.

If the solution doesn’t work, please contact us and we will arrange for a technician to call.

For damage or certain types of stains - we will assign a technician to visit you at home. Once we receive your claim form we will allocate a technician who will contact you to arrange a convenient appointment If you need to cancel, please give us at least 24 hours’ notice or you may be charged for the visit.